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Monday, August 26, 2013

Window Makeover Project- Easy as 1 2 3

In my last post I told you how Ki has inspired me to look at  the "fun" side of decorating. 
Why does it all have to be so serious?
 What am I concerned about when I think I need to be traditional, monotone, muted and neutral????

I have a room in my house that I call my "play room". It has many functions... it's a guest room, It's a backdrop for Etsy photos, It's a place that I can experiment safely, and if hubby doesn't like it,  it doesn't matter.
 It's the place where I can safely divert from "neutral  and traditional"and nobody cares.

This was it's first incarnation.  Sort of industrial cottage.  I used cut up burlap coffee bags as window toppers, not a bad project and it served me well for several years. As far as the room as a whole,  I'd remove this or that accessory, add a bit of color now and then, and lately have even spiced it up with some mid century retro stuff. Like the chair below, which sits in a far corner.

But what to do with those windows, the burlap was just not working for me any more?  

 See that granny square blanket. Well It needed some work. There were blocks unraveling and coming apart, but I loved the colors and so I picked it up for probably $1 at some garage sale and just threw it over the back of this chair. 

 But Friday night at around 11:00 inspiration struck.

I pulled out the scissors, because if I don't start now it will just become a project in my inspiration book and I'll never get it done.   I briefly measured the window and the blanket and began cutting the sections apart in the size I needed.  I mended some, completely patched in new ones in a few spots, and then went to bed, with a plan in my head.

Down with the old burlap and up with the old afghan. Vintage glass drawer knobs hold it all up with old seam binding as ties.
Love it.  

But of course if you turn around, you see the disaster that resulted from all this creativity.

Next post, is the whole room mini makeover.


Simply Shelley said...

I like it..I have been decorating more country prim for the last few years,but now I am adding color and some vinatge back in....its fun to change from time to time. I will be back to see what else you have done...blessings

Rita C. said...

Wow - that makes the room pop now, esp. against that fab chair!
Nothing like a new FMS issue to spark some inspiration, huh? I devoured the whole issue - full of cool projects.
Have a great week.

vintagerecycling said...


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