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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dressing up an old side table with spray paint

This lovely table started out life in the mid 60's or 70's most likely. Made mostly of particle board, I really had to look past what it WAS to see what it could BECOME. But I liked it's lines.


   You can see it in the photo below on the work bench, along with a couple of other tables I picked up for projects.

First I took the table apart. The center spindles just unscrewed from both levels and the legs screw off easily as well.

I sanded and sanded the tops, and after masking the edges with blue tape, I spray painted them several times with white spray paint, sanding between coats.

As for the legs, I wanted to give them a dipped look. To keep the legs standing for their painting, I used the screws that were already there and screwed them into a piece of scrap wood.  This allows me to spin them around etc without touching them.

 I masked them off with tape. this is a bit tricky because they are tapered.
Step one is getting a strait line.
I used old plastic bags to protect the parts I did not want to paint.

After that I oiled the wood parts of the legs with some Howard's and painted the edges of the table tops,  by hand with  brown paint and a small artist brush.

I'm having trouble deciding whether to keep this one or sell it. I love how it turned out.
Now on to the next table project.

1 comment:

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

I love how it turned out too! The creative painting gives the table lots of personality while staying true to the style. I have a similar table waiting for inspiration. I believe I found it. Great job!

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