Saturday, June 16, 2007

Weekend Finds

Yesterday there were a few sales open and I managed to get this old window as well as a couple of ammo boxes. Not sure what I'll do with the ammo boxes though. The old desk you see back there was a freeby from a friend who no longer wanted it.

Today (Saturday) it's raining cats and dogs, but I had to get up early to take my Son to work so I used it as an opportunity to get an early start at the sales. The first sale had a great cottagey frame that I'll show a pic of later and I also got a whole bunch of scrapbooking supplies from someone who bought but never really got into it.
Then I went to a sale and picked up some baskets, one was a longaberger. Then I picked up a friend and we headed to a church sale (good because it was inside and by this time it was really raining hard). This is where I hit pay-dirt. I got a dressing table and desk as well as some other goodies.

not sure how much work i'll put into this one. It needs some repairs but I like the wood and may just clean it up for the Barn Sale.

I'm going to paint this one white and then give it a distressed sanding. All those details will really stand out after that.

More goodies, A pair of old ladies gloves, the Basket I mentioned, some rusty kitchen tools and a tin heart.

All-in-all, A great haul. For some reason my Dog is in all of these pics. I guess she loves the camera


Rosemary said...

Love it as usual. Great dresser and desk. Wish I could go to your sale.
Have a great weekend.
Hope it stops raining.

a Bohemian Market said...

Hi Margo:
I absolutely love your site, your e-bay auctions and your spirit!!!
I have you saved as I enjoy your instructions and how you share your knowledge. Thank you.
carole from california

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