Sunday, July 15, 2007

Itchin for a change

After reading many of your wonderful blogs, I decided I wanted a change. I have this little alcove which is actually the inside portion of a dormer. I didn't take a before, but it was somewhat primitive with a little wooden thing under the window and some pictures on the wall. I was wanting a more cottagey look, but not too froo froo. So I went shopping in my barn and made a transformation. I took several pictures because it's such an awkward space, I couldn't get my camera far enough away to get it all in one picture

I brought in a side table that I had added some ceiling tin into as an insert.
I already had the stained glass windows hanging up, so no change there.

I hung one of my window shelves, and added a few accessories to it from the barn.

The chair and bear were already there, I changed what was in the basket to be some linens and a tassle as well as some old shoe forms that you can't see. The lamp was in my attic so i brought it out for some height. The shade was also in my stash and was purchased at a garage sale.
I'm pleased with it, and I didn't spend any money, just moved some stuff around. What do you think. If I were to add up what all the new stuff cost, before I worked on it, It's under 10.00. The other accessories I already had in the previous decor.


Rosemary said...

Of course, I love it. Change is good sometimes. I get inspired by other blogs too.
Have a great week,

The French Nest said...

I love the idea of adding the ceiling tin as an insert to the side clever! I love the whole arrangement.


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