Sunday, July 1, 2007


I promised pictures of my Canton Finds so here goes. As I said below, I mostly got things I needed for my creations.
Here is a stack of spindles and some other wood trim pieces.

Here are a bunch of metal objects, Keys door plates etc.

And here is the thing I picked up for myself. First let me say I am a sucker for bulletin board alternatives, and unique picture display ideas. So I couldn't pass this up.

It has these little spring clips with numbers on them. and the same is on the other side. Right now I have it in my workroom to hold inspiration pictures.

So those are my Canton treasures for this month. I'm already putting some of the keys to use, I've added old key earrings to my earrings collection.

The best thing I got at Canton was my New Friend Linda (see post below). It was so much fun visiting, cooling off and resting in Linda's shaded booth. Thanks for the visit Linda

1 comment:

Rosemary said...

I love everything that you got, but especially the clippy thing with numbers. I love that!
Good finds as usual.
Happy 4th of July,

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