Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Front Porch

One of the things I loved about the house we currently live in is the Front Porch

Having always lived in ranch style homes, without much of a porch I've always longed for a country front porch. I feel I have that in this home.

I've spent the morning power washing my wonderful front porch. Due to the very humid summer we have had, mildew is growing on everything and so this morning I brought out the big guns and washed most of it away. I still need to bleach the ceiling, but that is a messy project for another day. Right now I'm waiting for the bleach to do it's work on my rocking chairs and swing. I'll go out and rinse them as soon as I finish this entry. I'd love to have a refreshing cold, sweet tea on the porch and watch the squirrels but it is very hot and I'll just stay in the Air-conditioning today.

Here are a few other porches, from my inspiration book for you to enjoy. Just imagine yourself out here, on a nice 75 degree day, enjoying nature and conversation with a good friend.

Do you see the pic above with the girl in the southern belle dress? Well that is actually a porch of a historic home in town. I love how they capped the railing with the black piece. that is on my to-do list for my porch. I think that will help with the mildew as well. As you can't see it on black. I think I may also paint my rockers black too so they don't look as yucky, in between bleachings. Tell me what you think.
Have a great day.


All washed up, and bright and white.


Jean said...

Love your front porch! I like the window hanging on the end. I'm trying to do a "wall" on windows on the end of my deck but only have one door up so far. Your porch is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Margo! I love your blog & your porch & your website....Girl you are talented!
Off to read more of your blogs. You have added so much more since I first visited your website a few years ago.
Thanks for sharing!

Rosemary said...

I love your porch, it's so pretty.
Good job!
I wish we had porches like that here, but we don't.
I love the other porch pictures too.
We have tiny little porches here.
California is boring I guess.

TinaTx said...

Your porch is looking great! I know what you mean about the mildew everywhere! Your rockers came out cleaner than mine did. I bleached them a couple of weeks ago and most of it came off, but I fear I'm going to have to paint them.
Hope it cools off enough soon and you can have that ice tea on the porch - I'll come join ya!
Looks like you are going to have great weather for your sale.

Marilyn in NM said...

I just found your blog through Tina's Cherry Hill Cottage. I love PORCHES!
We just got finished painting ours and so I feel like you, "bright & white"!
So glad I found your blog....will visit often!

Kim @ Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

You have a beautiful home and porch! This is my first visit to your great blog, but I will definitely be back!

Margo said...

Marilyn and Kim. Glad you found me, come back anytime. I try to make a new post everyday.

Anonymous said...

OHMIGOSH I love your home and your front porch! To die for!

Nicole said...

Capecod homes with front porches are my weakness! I LOVE your home! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your site and all the porch pictures. We are fortunate to have a great porch. Most homes in California don't have porches because people don't sit on them anymore since they spend so much time commuting back and forth. But I love your ideas and all the lovely pictures. Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Hello Margo,
I have to tell you this, today i woke in a sad and weepy
way. Feeling lost and depressed so i opened my notebook and googled 'country style houses' in images. Your blog caught my eye and i clicked on it. After a few seconds of reading and seeing all of the lovely porches i found myself smiling. I am from Tasmania, Australia and not many of our houses have porches like those gorgeous creations but i yearn for one. Its a strange and deep desire isnt it, the need for a home that warms your heart. I think a home should be your soft place to fall after the trials of the day have kicked you about. You enter, close the door on the world and you are in heaven. That is the feeling i get from your lovely porch. Thank-you for bringing a smile to my day. Kind regards Suzy.

Mrs. B said...

Hello Margo. I just found your web-site. I love your front porch inspiration book. I have the exact same photo you do in's the one on the bottom right. I love that house. My husband and I are building a home here on the Central Coast of California, and I insisted on a large front porch, strickly for sipping tea. I'm designing my house after that photo...Thanks for the great blog.

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