Thursday, September 6, 2007

Magical Toilet Paper

for those who read Tina's blog, Cherry Hill cottage , you might remember this picture of one of her projects.

Well I copied this project in my bathroom

Well this is actually my son's bathroom, and he decided to be cute and make a sign.

Now my son's signs are not as good as Mika's, but I had to laugh.

This is the same son who made the comment that we had a person sneaking into our house who was hanging hand mirrors in his bathroom. Everyday, mysteriously, there would be more and they would be re-arranged. Ha ha, Very funny Alex, what a joker.

I didn't do much junking today, I'm not feeling too good. I did hit one estate sale and bought a few things. One of which will be next weeks quick project, so be looking for that.

Hope you all have a good evening


Anonymous said...

Cute!! I love your bowl..the green~ great color! And your son's cute sign..."Magical Toilet Paper"! I'm loving that!! Love all your stuff Margo! Thanks for telling me to *look*...

Rosemary said...

Hi Margo,
I love the way that bowl of t.p. looks. It's cute. Love the sign too.
Hope you feel better,

Anonymous said...

Ah, that made me giggle. For every Mika in the world giving her Mama lovely banners, (and making me jealous that I don't have girls) there are equally wonderful sons (I have a 13 y.o and an 11 y.o) giving us "Magical Paper Rolls" signs that could just make me giggle for hours. That was the best. Thanks for making my day.

I hope you feel better too - stop going to estate sales when you feel bad! ;)

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling much better now!!! I just had a question about how the sneaky person hangs the mirrors???:^)
Thanks for any info!!

Margo said...

Jaybird, that sneaky person just hot-glued a loop of ribbon to the back. It's held now for quite awhile.

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