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Thursday, September 20, 2007

To buy it or not to buy it.

OK, I went to a sale today, and they have a great wooden antique child's high chair. With perfectly chippy paint and a great shape for 45.00. I don't know if I should get it or not. Do I need it? no. could I use it for something? Yes, plant stand on porch. does it speak to me? Yes. Will I end up selling it in a year? maybe. could I get my money back out of it? probably not. Will I still want it in a week? month? I don't know. Well Folks, What do you thin? Should I go get it?


Anonymous said...


Hello from LuAnn (AJC). Just read your blog (my first time at doing this kind of thing--I know I'm behind the times). You sure a one busy person. Lots and lots of projects.

As for the high chair go ahead--I went searching for one for a friend of mine. I actually found her 2. She is going to use them in her garden for plant stands. I didn't pay much (about $6 each) so if they get water logged not too much lost. If you keep your's on the porch less chance to ruin.

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. My prayers are with you.

Sounds like your sale went well. I too am planning a sale somewhat like that next year.

Unknown said...

If you like it that well, go for it! But I'd bargain 'way down. That price sounds really high; I have a wood one with the original picture still on it for $27.

Annette said...

I think the price sounds a little high. I bought one that I beleive had oringinal piture and stain on it. It was in very good condition and I only paid $10.00. I used it for Nephews and then sold it for $10.00. I would see if they are willing to accept less.
Good Luck, Annette

Nicole said...

I'd check and see if they'd take les... but you know me! ;o)

"I've spent $45 in worse places, right?!" :o)

TinaTx said...

Maybe tomorrow they will take less! Doesn't hurt to ask.
Did I need the cake stand I bought at Pandora's today? Uh, no!
Love the window you got over there. I guess I wasn't in the mood today - all I came out with was the cake stand and one glass knob for the sewing machine drawer I haven't painted yet.

Margo said...

I did ask them if they were firm on their price, and she said yes. I'm beginning to think I'll let this one go.

Cindy said...

I always say if I really want something and I go back and it's still there then it was meant to be mine...I'd go buy it if I were you!

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