Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Christmas

Well the day of fun and festivities is over, and part of me is very happy to be back into my normal routine.
Although I don't usually focus on what I want as gifts or what I got, I thought you all might be curious so here's the bootie.

as usual my very thoughtful DH got me several items from my Amazon Wish list, as well as a
reciprocating saw. I try a new tool every year, and this is a light weight version of one he uses to help me cut legs off stuff. It can also be used like a jig saw, so I'm anxious to get started using it.
He also got me a new saw blade for my chop saw, as I had dulled the one I have quite a bit.
And of course he got me the ultimate girl gift.

Chocolate and a movie!!!!!

After 3 hrs of cooking, DH cleaned up, he's a peach. I took a nap and dreamed of projects. When I woke up I decided to organize my indoor workspace a bit. I took a couple of his left over cubes and designed this little thing.

I'm using this to organize all my bits and pieces for crafting and jewelry making.
I added the bar across to hold chains, and keep them easily visible.
I love my jars, and I've got them on display as well. Everything is up off the table and
still very visible and easy to get to. It also give me a place to play at display a little.

I'm getting lots of ideas for things to add to my weekly web page. I'll be adding a spotlight blog of the week, as well as Helpful hints and movie suggestions. This will start tomorrow so be looking for that.
Time to start cleaning up and storing all of this Christmas stuff.
Hope you all had a great holiday and enjoyed family, and time together.


TinaTx said...

Looks like you had a great day!
I haven't even thought about putting all the holiday decor away - except to think that I'm not going to do it until at least the weekend!
See ya soon.

Simply Me Art said...

Wow, You Raked in Girl.. Good for you, lots of things to create more Goodies. Your work area is an Inspiration by the way, great job

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Margo ~ You are a girl after my own heart ~ I got a scroll saw one year and a Power Washer for a Mother's Day ~ You gotta love stuff like that !!!
I love your organized workspace !
Have fun,

Anonymous said...

Oh Margo - how I love reading your blog everyday! I also love your newly-organized work space - so inspiring! I received a small palm sander for Christmas! Glad you had a wonderful holiday with your family!

Vickie said...

Margo - Looks like Santa was good to you... did your kids get anything?? Ha - looking forward to your new projects this year! I always forget to take photos of my stuff during the process. Maybe that will be my New Years Resolution... Vickie

Rosemary said...

Hi Margo,
Looks like you got some really great presents.
Your work space is looking good.
Have fun with all your new stuff.

Vickie said...

Margo - I'm glad you enjoyed my last crazy post. I felt really silly writing it, I'm a little timid about throwing myself out there on the blog, but I figured what the heck - everybody that might read it can identify. I can laugh at myself and I hoped somebody else might have a laugh, too, that understands the "junk junkie" syndrome! Feel free to quote me if you like... nothing like jumping in head first out into blogland!
About Canton, I would love to go, but of course, I have to work 9-3 Wed-Fri. Are you selling or just shopping? What day are you thinking about? Can Tina go, too? I haven't met her yet. It would be great fun. Let me know your plans...
BTW- I will not dicker with someone who goes to great measure and effort to build or create something lovely. I'm an artist and I understand the value that is placed on objects - I am offended when someone does that to me. I put my heart & soul into my paintings and I place a value on them and I will sell them at that value. Of course, there are times when one can do some 'horse tradin'........ Vickie (sorry so long)

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