Thursday, December 27, 2007

Changes with the New Year

Well I'm starting the process of taking down the Christmas Decorations. Do you remember this project?

Well I liked it so much I decided to change it up a bit and leave it out all year long.

I left the bird and pine cones, but changed the greenery and the berries, and I used jute to hang it instead of ribbon.

I've also made some changes to the area around my Red Transferware wreath

I made the 123 plates go in an arch instead of strait across, and I changed out the mini plates there on the perpendicular wall. They countdown to the new year 4321.

I'm making changes to my web page, I'm learning how to add some great graphics so check it out, by clicking the tag.

And I've started to list those Mini pitchers and creamers on Ebay so if you are interested click the label


Unknown said...

Hi, Margo! Our household is the same as most others this time of year ('way too busy) and it's been awhile since I've visited here. Love the new projects you're into and had a gut laugh at the prospect of the reality show. I think YOU could adapt into just about any household - but I can only imagine same anti-arts/crafts person coming in and turning your barn into something entirely different. Oooooh, the image of smoke and fire coming from your eyes and ears when you would arrive home to see that change!

Anonymous said...

I really like the new look of your site! The tags are just adorable! I'm slowly putting things away today and trying to get organized, cleaned up and ready for a new, exciting year! Thanks Margo for letting us into your life! God bless you!

Vee said...

Oh I really enjoyed looking around at your other sites and will be sharing them on my blog soon.

Just a bit of feedback on the HOPE pin that I gave to my niece for Christmas. She loved it! I was so happy. She really spent a lot of time just looking at it and delighting in recognizing all its various bits and pieces.

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