Saturday, December 29, 2007

What a year

What a year this has been. My Adventures in Junking began in earnest about 1 year ago, with a
Resolution that you can read about here and This project.

After that the sky has been the limit.

In April I began this blog and that is when I started meeting the nicest people. It wasn't long before we were meeting in person. I met Teresa C in Canton

The Next Month in Canton, I met Linda Smith
for the First Time. This would be the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

In September I met the Queen Bees of the Junking World,
Ki & Sue the original JunkMasters,
when they came to do a show at First Monday.

I also Met
Laurie Anna and
Cherry Hill Cottage Tina
that same weekend

Also in September I had my
First Barn Sale

Where I met
Tina of Stitchin in Texas
and my new friend and Customer
Vickie of Sand Flat Farm
I've also had the opportunity to get to know many of you (although not in person) over the blog world, and your links are all listed in my side bar. You are each very special to me so to Rosemary, Joy, Jamie, Fifi, Lori, AJ, Nicole, Sher and all you other wonderful ladies. Thank you for blessing me with your blogs and friendship.

It was around this time that Jamie began to inspire me to play around with Junk jewelry, I have really enjoyed this indoor T2T hobby, and hope that the inspiration will continue into 2008.
In November and December
Linda, of The blue Gate, was nice enough to let me use part of her booth in Canton to see how my stuff sold.

It did well and I hope to do Canton again this year. Although Linda is now in the Arbors and I'll be on my own, she has helped me to take baby steps towards getting my own spot out there.
Wow, that blog took a long time to post, import pictures, and make links, but not so long to read. It really was a wonderful year, and I look to 2008 to be full of projects, people, and inspiration.
Thank you all for being so wonderful
Your Junking friend - Margo


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you have added to my friend... I'm so glad you stopped in my booth... I really treasure your friendship... it has been a fun year..

The Feathered Nest said...

Wow!!!! Isn't wonderful to meet such amazing women...women who are doing what they love and loving what they're doing!!!! I'm so glad that I found your blog...I love seeing all of your ideas! xxoo, Dawn

Anonymous said...
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Rosemary said...

See, isn't blogging amazing. All the new friends we have met.
So glad we got to be friends, even though we haven't met in person yet.
Happy New Year Margo!!

TinaTx said...

It really has been fun getting to know you! I hope we get to make that Mineola trip soon.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Awww Margo ~ I just love this post ! You are a wonderful picture taker ~ In fact I think that is my new year's resolution ~ to take pictures like Margo :o) Isn't it so much fun to meet friends online and then get to meet them in person ~
Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year my junking, blogging friend! Can't wait to see what you have in store for 2008!

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