Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 3 Buffalo MN

Buffalo MN is a town full of antique and junk stores. BUT..... they are only open occasionally. Hence the term "Occasional Sales". Our Tour guides the Red Shed Girls had made arrangements for many of these stores to open JUST FOR US. The day started early just like Thursday.
First Stop Sweet Salvage

Great stuff in this store

Another BIG Item, Some sort of scoop, filled with old windows of course. What else would you do with a giant scoop

Christy found a great old stove. Christy and I were roomates.

Here is part of my haul

That stool, stove and box will be at my sale next week.
Val got this great chippy key cabinet. It's about 4" deep, what a wonderful piece

Everyone was so welcoming

Yesterday's Charm in Buffalo made this great window display in our honor. It's all red and western

This is Me and Marge at Yesterday's Charm. She owns those great gears we all scarfed up.
I should say she owned those great gears.

I got 3, this is one of them.

Everything was decorated so nice and was so inviting.

The 2 bigger gears are not mine, I got the 3 smaller ones.

Time to re-work the truck again.

Goofing off. You can really see the size of these gears.

Christy and Stacey show off their gear rolling skills

We still have 1 more day to shop, think it will all fit???

Appropriate Flash Cards from Stacey
Ki came by for a late night slumber party, and signed all our books

and visited. She's laughing at how I have mine all marked with post-its on the Ideas I like best

Look at this great bag she carries. Her sister makes them and they will be for sale on her website when she gets her shopping cart up and running
It's an army bag,
The fabric is from old aprons. and then they've added old trinkets, and even bottle caps on the side.

Can't wait to get mine. But for now I've done a similar project, by adding some trinkets to a bag that already had grommets on it.

More fun stops tomorrow, and more of the Minnesota Nice that we experienced. Oh and a few more over-sized items as well.
Whew!!! Are you tired yet?

Ki is compiling a list of blogs that have stories from the Bonanza. Be sure to check it out for more junking adventures. It's on her side bar on the right.


Carol said...

I have had some much fun reading your blog & blogs from some of the others from the trip. Looks like some GREAT buys!
BTW, Where in OK is Christy, your room-mate, from?
TFS Margo!
Carol in OK

WhisperWood Cottage said...

I wish I had seen the truck-packing process! :) I still love those gears...might have to go back and get one. Your bag is very chic! You never cease to amaze me!

Vee said...

It's really been amusing and fun to see all the treasures that you gals found. What I can't wait to see is how you use it all. I LOVE the bag!

Ki said...

I am having so much fun visiting everyone's blogs and reading about their Bonanza adventures. I want to go junking with the Red Shed gals! You obviously had a ton of fun and found great junk!

Simply Me Art said...

OMG, you must have been in Junkin Heaven Girl! Wow, those Gears are Amazing...

Rosemary said...

Wow Margo,
Sounds and looks like so much fun!!
Love all of the great stuff. Love that chippy cupboard!
Glad you are having such fun!

Anonymous said...

Great pics Margo! I loved that first piece with all of the drawers in it - I could fill that baby up in no time! lol

How sweet of Ki to make time for your slumber party. :)


Vickie said...

Yes, I'm tired from looking at all the great junk! Wonderful trip, Margo- Thanks for sharing all your pics. I'm looking forward to seeing it all in person at your sale next week! See ya!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

You got some really amazing pics for this day! I'm going to send people over to your site!
Guess who came down with that stomach bug yest.??!

Hollie Allen said...

Hi Margo!

My Mom is headed to MN next week and I am hoping to get her a list of the best junk shops to visit. Where should she go and what will be open?

Looks like you had a blast! Next year, I will be there for sure, hopefully life will slow down for us by then. Our next Sale is in October, so we have some junking to do this month. :)



Debi said...

Thank you Margo dear,

For the help on my blog... and for sharing these wonderful pics of the trip!! I feel like I got to go too!! So sad I missed it!!

I get to go to the 400 mile Yard Sale on Highway 36 here in Kansas on Friday... so maybe I will have some luck... and have pics to share too.
Looking forward to your pics of the rest of the trip!! Hope you had as much fun as it looks!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!! D

Anonymous said...

Hi Margo it's the gear lady!
I was browsing your sight and came upon all the great pictures of my shop. Thankyou sooo much for posting them. the power of networking is truely amazing!
I had a customer in last week who was on her way to Texas in a couple days. Turns out she was going to be near Grapevine! I told her about the great shopping to be had there and she was thrilled.
your pictures are awesome!I hope to visit all of you southern Belles someday and see how you do the junkin stroll in Texas.

Thanks for the memories
Marge in Buffalo Mn.

Mr. Flannery said...

The gears are great. They are wooden forms that were pressed into a sand bed. The wood form was removed and the space filled with cast iron to make an iron gear.

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