Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Junk Finds

Today I got the call, to be at a certain place at a certain time. It was all very secret until I got the call. A junk supplier had just gotten into town with a new load. She wanted to give all her dealers an equal chance at the haul, so she didn't tell us where to meet her until 9:30. I had already told everyone at work, that I was leaving as soon as I got the call. And I was lucky, the secret location was on my side of town. When the call came I was out the door. Sounds like a DR** deal, but nope, it's just junk.
Here's my haul, or most of it.

The first pictuers, are all from a box-o-junk that I didn't even look completely through before saying "i'll take it."
Love this old horse toy, It's all metal and probably had the horses pulling something behind

And a horse trophy top

Locks, locks and more locks.


Students please prepare for announcements

Lots of car parts, mirrors, lights, etc Going on Ebay

Hay hooks
My fav and I'm keeping it, It's enamel, has a towel hook and a little resovoir for soap i guess. I love it.

This is cool, it's a blue ammo box, great for 4th of july decoration
The lid says "rocket ammunition" how cool is that.

Locks, knobs some porcelain, and old iron bases

Legs, legs and more legs

This is a cool wheel, It's concrete. And that's an old water pump with it.

A whole roll of this old wire fencing. nice and chippy white. And look at the lamp base to the left.

More stuff that got a bath outside. Love the windshield Service Station
Old Ice Skates, lunch box, and industrial light.

And this heater. I think It's really ironic that I bought a heater when it's 101 outside. But I'm always thinking ahead.

If you see anything you like, speak up, as a lot of this will be going to winnie & tulula's tomorrow, or soon be posted on ebay.

Happy Junking,


WhisperWood Cottage said...

That's some great junking! Love that enamel piece!!


Mindy said...

I hope to check out the clock on the left at W&T's tomorrow! Great haul! ~Mindy

Its So Very Cheri said...

You got some great stuff. I wish I had great places areound here.

trash talk said...

I'm picturing you having to give a secret password, then going through a curtain into a back room!
Great stuff. I think the enamel piece if it has a tiny rod across the top is european and would have had enamel cooking utensils hanging from it, but don't hold me to that!

Dawn said...

Oh the enamel piece is my favorite and the well pump is cool too. Wow to have a junk dealer call would be a dream!

red.neck chic said...

Great fun!!! That is too funny about "the call"! I think the windshield box would have to be my favorite!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You did great. Too bad for the other dealers you beat out!

Ki said...

What a haul!!! You are so lucky to have a place to sell all your can just keep on buying! My fav are the microphones.

Jill said...

Love it all!

MyRepurposedLife said...

nice legs! hahaha


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