Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

May you enjoy the day given to you in part, by those who have sacrificed fighting for the freedoms we enjoy

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bird Watching-what is happening just outside my back door

Just a step outside my back door is this little miracle

Baby Cardinals nesting. I watched as mom and dad built the nest, I waited patiently for the brown speckled eggs to hatch

And now I watch as mom and dad work tirelessly to keep the 3 little chicks fed

I am always amazed when I get to observe nature

It's a rare glimpse of what goes on around us all the time


They are growing, and have a mohawk tuft of fine feathers on their heads, that is hard to photograph..
They are head out of the nest most of the time, except when I go out to take a pic. Then they hunker down inside the nest. Watch for daily updates.
There are 3 of them. I've named them Larry Mo & Curley

The kids grow up fast. Yesterday they all flew the nest and I was there with camera to catch some of it. First this little guy jumped to a nearby branch

Then he was followed by his brothers/sisters and I was left with only this.

I watched as mom and dad guided the little birdies to a nearby bush and that was it. They are still out there I bet, but not for my eyes to see. I hope you enjoyed this little peak into nature.

God is in the details

I'll be updating this post as these little ones grow and then fly off. Keep an eye on this post for updated pictures. These little ones change quickly, and grow visibly everyday. They'll be gone before you know it.

More bird watching
Live Owl Webcam
Live Humming Bird Webcam

Saturday, May 29, 2010

What is

Some of you know that I keep another web site called but some of you do not, so I thought I'd fill you in on what it is all about. started as a way for me to highlight re-purposing ideas from not only myself, but other talented folks in the online junking community. I have pages divided up by categories like, windows, shutters, spindles, doors etc. Each page highlights projects made with those items. Every few weeks I highlight a project and a quick project. These always appear on the main robojunker page. After a few weeks I move them to the archive pages and then later to the subject pages. Nothing disappears, it is always there for you to reference back to.

Above is a submitted past quick project

I like to think of it as an online junking magazine. Sometimes I'll write about an artist with really cool re-purposed art. Or maybe I'll announce a news item on there etc. But it's mostly about projects.

Above is a submitted project, currently highlight on the main page

The one thing this format did not offer me was feedback from my readers, and that is when I started the blog. The blog has more daily readers than the web page and I do update it more often. The focus of the web site is ideas and projects. The blog has a wider range of subjects.

So if you are ever in want of junking ideas pop over to and enjoy browsing.

PS: This is NOT my big news. I've yet to get clearance to share, but will as soon as I can.

Friday, May 28, 2010

1 Week to the Winnie & Tulula's Junk & Disorderly Sale

Do what you have to do to join us for our 1 year birthday celebration

We have several new dealers, so there will be lots of great treasures you have never seen before. And everyone is bringing in lots of new stuff for the sale

lots more will be coming in this week

You know these dealers have garages full of stuff to bring

Sidewalks will be full of fun as well.

My space, will be fully stocked with treasures, as well as a trailer full of items for sale on the sidewalk.
Lots of good food and drink, it'll be a great time for all.
Tell your friends, and we'll see you there.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2010 Flea Market Style Magazine Sold Out

I'm sorry but I am sold out of this issue

Click the appropriate button below to order a copy of the Spring 2010 issue of Flea Market Style. Will ship Domestic and International. See below for prices.

Canada is considered domestic when choosing the options below

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spring Fling Pics and People

Our Little Corner's Spring Fling was a huge success

The Hot weather didn't keep Julie & Lee from setting up a beautiful outside area

Some of Margo's junk in the corner

Sherri & Bill pulled off a wonderful event as usual

Sherri's little helper, Lauren stuck in there all day.

Mildred worked the pink building with style

This coke cooler didn't last long

Julie brought Geraniums for everyone to use in their displays

More of my junk

And several bloggers stopped by. On the left is Vicki of Sand Flat Farm and
on the right is a new friend, Elaine of SoggyBottomFlats Quilting.

Thank you to everyone who came out, we had a great time.

I heard one story from a fellow dealer that stopped by after her shop closed.
Apparently one of our customers went to her place after visiting us. She asked for a discount on a low dollar item. The dealer told her that they don't offer discounts on items of that dollar amount. She replied "Well I was just at Our Little Corner and they did, AND they fed us popcorn and had water for us." I had to laugh, I guess OLC knows how to treat their customers, on special event days at least.
As soon as her store was closed for the day, she headed strait to OLC to see what all the fuss was about. Thanks for stopping by MM, we love you.

Friday, May 21, 2010

See you at Our Little Corner Saturday

Dealers will be working into the night to bring in, and set up lots of new stuff.
Opening earlier than usual tomorrow morning at 10:00, Woo Hoo!!!! Hope to see you there!

Come by and say "hi" to me, I'll be working the check out, in the yellow building all day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gearing up for Our Little Corner's Spring Fling-Saturday

I think my dry spell is over. I've found some fun items this week. the metal signs above are stove top covers. See the circular burn on the left one.

This clock face is plaster iron and Oh so heavy.

Love this piece, It's a humidor complete with copper lining

Don't these chalkware dancers remind you of the pics above Lucy and Ricky's beds.
They are in their original box. And I also found this industrial bin

Now for a shot of my "office" for pricing. It's way too hot and humid to do this outside, so I'm bringing my small inside to mark. Here is my makeshift office.

Everything I need, at my fingertips.

I'm busy busy busy pricing and marking down for this weekend's sale at Our Little Corner, Saturday only-Noonday Texas. I'm taking a truck load and so are many other dealers. All priced to sell. I'll be there working all day so say hello when you come by. Everything in my space will be 25% off, and outside items may be marked down further.

See you there

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recent Finds

It's been slim pickins around here lately.
If it weren't for my picker friends I wouldn't be finding anything

I did find these 2 metal chairs on Saturday

Anyone need a sandpaper display???? I found that item at a GS on the way to Hunt Co Flea Market last weekend.
Last weekend I visited Hunt Co Flea Market and found the items above and below. I love the metal watchamacallits below, I got them from Liz. I think they would make great window toppers

Another picker found me this locker set
And I found this cool old desk at the same sale as the metal chairs above.

It folds up and tilts

Another visit to another picker yielded this clock face, it's not old, but it's cool anyway. I just sat it on top of this metal stand, It makes a great top for it.

For now this wonderful junk sits in my barn.

But with Our Little Corner's Spring Fling on Saturday and Winnie & Tulula's Junk and Disorderly sidewalk sale on June 5th, I'm sure it'll be finding new homes soon.

See you there.
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