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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meet Jo and Liz

DH and I headed out to the Hunt County Trade Center, Hwy. 751, in Quinlin Texas on Sunday.
I had heard about this place from both Mindy and Teresa. There are 2 booths there I'd like to share with you. First is Joe Harmon in booths 18 &19, You can see more pics of Jo's place on Teresa's blog here.

Her place was stacked to the rafters with great stuff

And her displays were awesome

Here's my haul

And on my way to Liz's place, I had to stop and pet this cute little bloodhound puppy

After that DH, who was ahead of me quite a bit, said he had found another place that I'd like. This was Liz's Cotton Pickin' Antiques, which is just as you enter on the left section of buildings, right side of the left section. I got a plant stand and some bed springs from her. She had great stuff too, and "Warrenton" folks had just about bought her out. If you live anywhere near this place, you must stop by some weekend. They are open every weekend. Tell 'em, that Margo Sent ya.
Tomorrow, A project


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I've been to Liz's place as well. Glad you got to go and I see you found you some treasures. Doesn't Jo have the best eye for finding things and her prices are great!!

Mrs. Wacky said...

Wow, thanks for posting! I had never heard of this before, and I am only about 30 minutes from Quinlan - if that! I definitely need to check it out!!!

Debbie P. said...

I'm loving that plant stand! You and the DH are always out and about; I love it!

ann at greenoak said...

sounds like a real good day........and you look like a happy camper!!

Anonymous said...


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