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Monday, January 23, 2012

Wedding Centerpieces-mock ups on my kitchen table

Last year I had the privileged of decorating a wedding reception area for a friend. I learned a lot on that journey, and one thing I learned is the value of mockups.
Sorry for the bad photo's all taken with my iphone.
As you may or may not know, my Son is getting married in April. We love his bride and I'm so happy that she is including me in the decoration process. She throws me her ideas, and I hunt the stuff down and try to make her vision come to life.
(project alert, decopage vintage doilies onto glass containers as vases and candle holders)

Table centerpieces are so important to a reception and she has some great ideas. So I pulled out all my stuff and began making various mock ups for her. I send the pics from my iphone, and get her opinion as I'm working.
She liked them all, but my Son had some definite opinions and went for...
This one

Sweet and simple. Of course real flowers will be added. Each table will have either a vintage camera or a lantern or both with soda bottle vases and candles and books as lifts. As a girl I like the one with the frame, but he nixed that idea and definitely didn't like the doilies.

So now on "the day" we are all on the same page and know exactly what look we are going for and will save precious decorating time. We also have a better idea of what we need to buy or find.
Mock-ups are sooooo important.

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Country Gal said...

It all looks awesome ! A great idea to save money and put a personal touch to it all ! Have a wonderful day !

Vickie said...

Margo, we were doing all that wedding stuff last year at this time! Lucky you that your kids want you to decorate, I know it'll be beautiful! I do like the doilies, but I guess it's a little too "girly" for your son. We have to please them both - can't wait to see everything all done up!

The Whistle Stop said...

I love the frame too... like that it has some grounding. My second choice the same as your son. I love the old cameras! I had fun decorating for our son's wedding too last summer. All vintage. The colors were robin's egg blue, "sagey" green & daisies.
Have fun with it all!

shannon i olson said...

oh nice!! we have a wedding to plan for my daughter Spring 2013, she is also doing vintage which makes me soooo happy!!!

GypsyFarmGirl said...

Love the centerpieces you created! I like the one your son chose as my favorite. Seeing all the cool wedding ideas on the Internet makes me want to get married again, even though I'm happily married now!

Kay said...

thanks so much for this post....I am planning my daughter's wedding this summer and am trying to figure the centerpieces. I really like the picture frame and the bottles, etc. inside it. Today I'm working on a label to put around one of my bottles. I have to cut a 5' circle out of parchment or something so I have an idea of how much space I'll have to decorate and go from there. Really appreciated seeing yours!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Margo the centerpieces are going to look WONDERFUL....How FUN for you to have such a HANDS ON role....Makes up for having to wear a dress hey....hahahahaha....**wink**....!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend Lovey....!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

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