Monday, March 12, 2012

Changing up the bed without breaking the bank

Lets talk about beds and bedding. I love a made bed and I love bedding, but it can be expensive to change it often... so my solution is this.

I use a neutral coverlet as my bed spread and then I dress it up with color through pillows and throws. The bedspread rarely changes, but the look of the bed changes quite a big. Below are some examples of a couple of beds in my house using this formula.

When we first moved into our home, I was in a primitive plaid phase. So in addition to the cream background coverlet I made the plaid shams and added a plaid dust ruffle. A bench with quilts and a basket rounded out this prim country look.

Moving ahead a few years and I had a desire for a change and some color. I first tried orange and multi with the pillow cases and shams, and colorful burlap coffee sack pillows. One of my old quilt projects finishes this look. But I'm still not happy, no problem, as I had not spent a lot of money.
But I was still going for a slightly more vintage modern look...
Then I found this pillow

And used it as my starting point in this direction

As you can see the cream coverlet never changed throughout and so my expense was minimized by changing only pillow covers and throws. Instead of buying expensive European pillow forms for the background pillows, I just put 2 standard sized pillows inside each sham.
I purchased the filler pillows at walmart for $2.50 ea.
So for now It's gray and green and I'm loving it.


I've done the the same thing in my guest room, which started out like this.

Not bad but lacking in color and I love color.

A couple of colorful pillows and a colorful quilt,
and with or without the grannie square afghan I recently found.
Well there you have it. Margo's formula for changing out the look of a bed without breaking the bank.

Never fear I'm always junking and on the hunt, but pickings have been slim and I've focused on some home projects, and getting read for my Son's wedding and my upcoming trip to Paris.
You can keep up with my new finds by browsing my Etsy store. New things added almost every day.


Charlotte said...

Love the bed ideas. My hubby doesn't like change so I have to be discreet about my changes.

Jane said...

Great idea! I'm contemplating changing out my bedroom linens and repainting....time for a little change. I like the idea of using a neutral coverlet and adding color with the pillows and throws.
Between the wedding and a trip to are having one busy spring!

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