Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Decor Part 2

We'll continue now with one of my favorite areas... the

Cake Table

The wall behind the cake table was the Bride's idea and she and her mother spent hours making these pinwheels.
It turned out beautiful and made a great backdrop for the photos.
See the cake table decorations?
Those are vintage frames, the "platter" was a improvisation because we could not find a cake stand the right size. Made by placing vintage lace behind the glass and then a piece of plum fabric behind that. I sat it on books to give it strength, the cake weighs a lot. The brides maids placed their bouquets around the cake table after the ceremony. It turned out perfect.
And What a pretty topper Kalynne chose


My son has an extensive vintage camera collection. It was decided to use these in all the centerpieces.
We added in vintage soda bottles and some oil lamps as well as old books and candles to round it out. The bride made the table numbers.
Oh did I mention that he is a wedding photographer as well. One of the first questions he was asked when he announced his engagement is "who will be your photographer". He knew immediately who he wanted, and I hope to share some of her photos with you soon.We also

I reserved this special bottle for the sweetheart table which is directly under that balcony in front of the mantle. It says "Squeeze" with a boy and girl arm in arm on the label. The book has a young man behind a field camera (another photographer reference) and is titled "making his way". There was also a bunting across the front that says Mr & Mrs.

My son wanted a cigar bar for the guys. The chalk board is a vintage camera film pack painted with chalk board paint. The matches are all vintage, even the easel is vintage.
This area was a huge hit with the guys.

Water and Iced tea with chalk board labels for Sweet and unsweet
Plenty of sodas on ice in a vintage wash tub provided by Stone Oak.

Kalynne's idea for favors was a popcorn bar complete with flavors, sweets and nuts, and bags to take it all home in.

Well there you have it. Months of planning, culminated in a most beautiful occasion enjoyed by all.


Gracie's Cottage said...

Congrats on a wonderful event - so "perfectly-vintagely" personal!


TinaTx said...

Looks like it was a lovely wedding! Than,s for sharing the photos - and congrats to the happy couple!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh Margo all of these vintage touches make my heart SING....How WONDERFUL for your Son to have found you such a LOVELY Daughter In Law....You must be TICKLED above & beyond....,,

Tamarah :o)

Karla said...

What a fun wedding to attend! Lucky you to have a DIL that has similar tastes in decorating. I see a new junk partner for you LOL


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