Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Addicted to Acquisitoin

While watching the show hoarders the other night I heard a phrase that hit home.  "Addicted to Acquisition"

Oh boy can I relate.  There is a rush that I think most women know and understand when you find that perfect thing whether you've been looking for it or not.  The difference between collectors and hoarders is obvious to most people.  As I tell most people, "almost everything I have is eventually for sale".

I thought I'd share some of my latest acquisitions, just for fun.
 This lovely cathrineholm bowl was brought to my attention by a reader who was in the selling mood. Of course I snatched it up as quickly as possible. It is right at home in my ever changing hutch.  With other cathrineholm bowls, some orla kiely prints, and Fiesta vases. After all, it is summer and time for color right.
 I was also on the look out for some mid century pieces in mustard yellow, and found this nice set of coffee pitcher, creamer, and what you can't see is a sugar bowl and S&P. I like the clean lines, and I can use the pitcher and coffee pot as flower vases if I want.

Lately some of my favorite things have found me instead of the other way round.  This very unique scale came to my attention on a friends facebook page.
  It's unique in that you have to view in the mirror to see the weight. I'm guessing there was a specific use for it to be designed that way. I just love it. The platform is cast iron, and the whole thing is quite heavy. And oh so shabby white, with a perfect patina.
 It goes great with my accidental scale collection. I say accidental in that I never aggressively seek scales, they just jump out at me.  The one below called to me because of it's label. :)
 I like the dial on this one
 and I found this one in Paris, but it is English made.
 All at home in my kitchen hutch.    There is everything from retro to rusty in there.

And now to things that are currently finds for sale soon.  I'm giddy over this retro yellow ball lamp. It adjusts its angle and would be a great accent or up-light.  Look for it on Etsy soon, or feel free to mail me.

2 more weeks to catch items on sale in my booth at Winnie & Tulula's, Athens Texas. See post below.


Curtains in My Tree said...

I watched the hoarder show for the first time
my son in law thinks I am a hoarder, however you can look around my storage room and studio and see all my treasures where the former rich trust fund kid,had piles of her stuff you had to walk on to get through a room. It was sad story about her being a former model and only child , now on the street

Jane said...

I love all of the scales!! A wonderful "accidental" collection!!

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