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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bedroom mini makeover part 2

I'm finished with my mini makeover of my "play room".  Many of these items are available in my Etsy store and until they are sold, I safely use them in this space.  Otherwise they'd be stowed away in the Etsy Closet, so why not display them right????

Colorful pillows and quilt dress up the bed without much fuss or expense.

Below you see another photo of my granny square window toppers, there are actually 2 windows one is out of view of the camera. A fabulous retro "eams style" bucket chair sits in the corner with a fun retro pillow. More colorful afghans in a basket on the floor.
I Dressed up existing side tables with retro lamps, books and trays, and that fab mid century clock I got in California.

I Updated my Dress form with a simple retro scarf

Mod bejeweled Enid Collins (and look alike)  hand bags hang from this piece, but I left my 100 year old lace up for now.
Color and fun are added with this post card etc display and a bright red enamel sign letter.

The Tole candle holder was purchased at the Rose Bowl and I can't seem to bring myself to part with it just yet. I use it to blend the color and whimsey with the "cottage pieces" that must remain in the room for practicality sake. The old fashioned painted cottagey dresser was a $5 purchase and has more than come in handy on many occasions.  To bring it up a decade or two, a simple orange table runner sits on the top, and on the other end (not seen) a retro lamp.

Before photo is below. I like the updates very much.  It's so bright and cheery. I hope my guests will like it as well. I left all the big pieces as they were and just changed out the accessories.  I think it gives  a completely different and cheery look without breaking the bank.  Let me know what you think.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Window Makeover Project- Easy as 1 2 3

In my last post I told you how Ki has inspired me to look at  the "fun" side of decorating. 
Why does it all have to be so serious?
 What am I concerned about when I think I need to be traditional, monotone, muted and neutral????

I have a room in my house that I call my "play room". It has many functions... it's a guest room, It's a backdrop for Etsy photos, It's a place that I can experiment safely, and if hubby doesn't like it,  it doesn't matter.
 It's the place where I can safely divert from "neutral  and traditional"and nobody cares.

This was it's first incarnation.  Sort of industrial cottage.  I used cut up burlap coffee bags as window toppers, not a bad project and it served me well for several years. As far as the room as a whole,  I'd remove this or that accessory, add a bit of color now and then, and lately have even spiced it up with some mid century retro stuff. Like the chair below, which sits in a far corner.

But what to do with those windows, the burlap was just not working for me any more?  

 See that granny square blanket. Well It needed some work. There were blocks unraveling and coming apart, but I loved the colors and so I picked it up for probably $1 at some garage sale and just threw it over the back of this chair. 

 But Friday night at around 11:00 inspiration struck.

I pulled out the scissors, because if I don't start now it will just become a project in my inspiration book and I'll never get it done.   I briefly measured the window and the blanket and began cutting the sections apart in the size I needed.  I mended some, completely patched in new ones in a few spots, and then went to bed, with a plan in my head.

Down with the old burlap and up with the old afghan. Vintage glass drawer knobs hold it all up with old seam binding as ties.
Love it.  

But of course if you turn around, you see the disaster that resulted from all this creativity.

Next post, is the whole room mini makeover.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

California Trip Continued, Ki's House and Fun things to do around town

I feel so privileged to know Ki and to have been part of her junking adventures for the last few years. I took her up on her invitation to come out to LA and see her, and also hit the Rose Bowl Flea for the first time. As you can imagine, Ki's apartment is as fabulous as she is, and truly reflects her personality. She's moved from the one that was featured a few issues ago and is still getting settled into this place.
She has a great collection of the funnest, happiest pieces of junk I've ever seen.

I once asked Ki what her style was, and she said she is attracted to things that make her smile. 
The Burma shave sign has yet to find it's new home, but I'm sure when it does, it will be the perfect place.

 She has a great collection of decorating books and I enjoyed each quiet moment I had, to thumb through them. Isn't that a great game wheel (below)

I arrived on a Friday and on Saturday morning I got to watch her get a riding lesson. That is her horse, Shameless. I figured she had very few photos of herself on her horse, so I took some for her.
Of course I had to snap a photo of her in her riding clothes, Love the helmet.  Better to be safe than sorry.

She took me to a lot of fun restaurants. The LA area has no shortage of them, and the food was sooooo good. Above is a display of wine crate box ends hung above the bar area of a restaurant.  This kind of repurposing is everywhere out there, and I love it. I think something like this would make a fun room divider. What else could you do with this idea?   Below one place had  a great collection of vintage cocktail shakers in their bar area. We talked a passer by into take a photo. Good thing just about everyone know how to use an Iphone camera.
We went to the Santa Monica Pier and I talked her into a ride on the Ferris Wheel.
 It was so nice to see the beach and city from the top of the ride. It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

The Flowers were beautiful everywhere we went, but this Bougainvillea
blew my mind.

Shopping with Ki is interesting. She's always more interested in the displays than the clothes :) We walked into store after store and she's pointing at the repurposed displays and I know the gears in her head are turning the whole time. 

But the highlight of my trip was getting to meet Beans.  This great pup belongs to Ki's daughter, and if you read any of Ki's blogs or facebook posts, you know Beans.  He and I took to each other like 
Beans and Rice:)  LOL

Ki is such a sweet hostess and tour guide. Tune in next for how I was inspired to change some things in my house after coming home from my trip.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shopping the Rose Bowl Flea

 One of my "bucket list" flea markets is the Rose Bowl Flea. I've heard about it, read about it, and now it was my turn to see it. It's a flea market that sets up once a month in the parking lot of the Rose Bowl.
 It has a certain circus atmosphere out front where you must purchase tickets to get in.
 With Ki as my tour guide, we bypassed the "new" stuff and headed strait to the vintage section.  She made the first purchase of the day. A fabulous mid century side table, the one in front there.

 There were lots of things I looooved, like this tulip table, but were both too large and too expensive for me to bring home.

 There are lots of strange and unusual things as well. Loved these pink sparkly boots and I think they would be perfect for Ki's horse riding.

 You can even go inside the Rose Bowl it'self and see the field, They offer tours as well.

 This alien cello player was entertaining people with his rocking cello style.

 There was a lot to see and I don't think we actually finished.

 Wouldn't this be a fun lamp in the right decor. Cant take it home so I took a photo.

Both of us were drooling over this portable desk. I'm still thinking I should have scarfed it up for my hubby's side table.  I could just shut his stuff up inside when not in use.
 That's all from the Rose Bowl Flea,   I'll show you what I purchased in the next post.  I brought home not only some good junk but a nice sunburn as well.  ( I did use sunscreen, but I missed a few spots).

Friday, August 16, 2013

Flea Market Style, Fall Winter 2013 now available for Immediate Shipment

 Don't waste gas driving all over town. 
Have it sent right to your door.

Some other past issues also available

Click here for ordering information.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Junking in LA Day 1

 After a relatively uneventful plane trip I arrived in LA at about noon and Ki had the day planned out.
 We were headed to the Beach!!!  
Above we are enjoying this collection of cocktail shakers at a local Santa Monica Restaurant.

 The Pacific Ocean, It's been a long time since I've seen you.

 We decided to step out of our comfort zone and ride the Ferris Wheel to get a better view.

 Isn't it beautiful

 What a great place to take in the view, and the weather was beautiful.
 Perfect for this gal who is so ready to ditch the high temps.

 Of course there was some shopping to do and we are both drawn to the great use of vintage items in modern store displays.
Ki is more interested in how they built their display, than  the merchandise.

 Below is the check out are of Anthropologie in Santa Monica. I love how they cut the ends off of various tables and used them.  I'm thinking "headboard idea"
 And these are wine crate ends strung together at a local restaurant and hanging in the  bar area ceiling.
Perfect repurpose and I loved the labels and brand names on the crate boards.
That ended day 1 of my trip. Ki has plans for Saturday and Sunday is the Rose Bowl Flea.  Stay tuned.
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