Saturday, March 8, 2014

Orla Kiely News

I know I'm a blog about junking, but I have another obsession and It's Orla Kiely.
Known mostly for her purses and fashion, she has ventured out into the Home Decor arena lately.
She has two good books that you might like. Of course I own both. One thing I like is that within the books are full pages of her designs that can be removed for framing.


I know that a few of my readers love her as well and I thought I'd share some recent finds and news with you.  First, you can get I phone and tablet cases from Best Buy in the US. I'm in love, but I recently bought one when they were at Target and I don't think I can justify another. :(

Also, I found some Orla Kiely Towels from her House collection at Marshalls and I've heard they have them at Home goods (same parent company) as well. I got several and I love this huge one that is perfect for Beach or pool.

  I also stumbled upon some Orla Kiely Canisters recently at The Container Store. When I turned down this isle, my jaw dropped to the floor and I was doing an internal happy dance. I think the employees thought I was crazy.
 You  may think at this point that I'm a shop-aholic. Well I am kinda, but I do reign myself in. We don't have a lot of good shopping in my town so when I go to the "big city" I usually splurge.  I got one of the tube canisters and the square canister set.  

But I think I may need some help :/  This is part of my OK collection and a few "copy cats" as well, and I've added to it since I snapped this pic.

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