Tuesday, December 22, 2015

One more Christmas Project

While flipping through an old issue of Flea Market Style magazine I ran across this picture of some old picture frame molds, and it looked like a Christmas tree to me. So I decided to make my own out of some old frames.

I'm happy with the look and it was a pretty quick project.

Hope you are ready for a very Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lamp shade Christmas Tree, Christmas outside the Box

And now for This year's Tree
Made from old lamp shades, Inspired by Pinterest (of course)

 First an assortment of lamp shades from garage sales, and goodwill.


First I skinned them
Then I mounted them to a threaded rod with bolts I purchased both at the hardware store,
and mounted it to a base(this part took the longest)

Now for embellishments. Juno wanted in on the action.

A few shades get some gold trim from my stash

A large stash of vintage ornaments is helpful, and you'll need hooks.

This project could be as small or large as you want, based on size and quantity of lamp shades.
I'm still unsure about the paper bells, but it does give it some dimension

 An old Wool  blanket below.

There is even a version of this idea with covered lamp shades. See my pinterest page

There you have it, My completely vintage Christmas tree made from old lamp shades.
I think this will be a one year tree, because next year I'll have a 1 year old grandchild and this would tip over real easy.  I may make a table top version though.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Alternative Christmas Trees, a Tradition

A few years ago I decided I was going to retire the "traditional" Christmas tree for awhile . My boys are grown and moved out and
the tree is the hardest part for me, First there is the hauling it down, then putting it up and stringing lights. By that time my family has pooped out and abandoned me. Not to mention the putting it away 4 weeks later.

With that in mind, I put up a vintage aluminum tree for a couple of years. These go up real easy and there are no lights to string

Then I went way outside the "box".   with  this small tree from old spindles

As an accent I made this one from a single spindle and some wire. I still bring it out every year. It's a good accent decoration
Then I went to Pinterest and got loads of inspiration

 For the last 2 years, I have this one I made with an old screen and lots of vintage glass ornaments. At the end of the season, I wrap it up in an old sheet and just take it to the attic. I'll probably bring it down this season too. Inspired by this original project at Sointovintage.blogspot.com

 But when I saw this idea on Pinterest by lucydesignsonline.com I just had to try it.  Vintage frames make up this fun, but heavy accent tree. 

Wait till you see what I have cooked up for my main tree this year.

To see the complete list with links, go to my pinterest page.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Junky Advent Calendar Reason for the Season

Time to redeem the true meaning of the season, in a fun and yes, junky way.
Reason for the season Advent Calendar

I've done this for several years now and it is always so much fun.   I was
Inspired by  Jodi's Jesus Tree project.

Here's how it works, first take a piece of wood and insert 24 nails.
Each Day,  draw an ornament from the basket, talk about it, hang it on the nail or hook.  Below are some examples
Each ornament will have a special meaning that relates back to the Reason for the Season, or names of Jesus etc.

The ornaments illustrate the meaning of the name with vintage items (or even not so vintage)
Have your little ones follow along as well.
You can see examples of each of the 24 tags as well as different ways to make an advent display on my pinterest page here

If you want pre-printed tags  go  here .
  And they are much better than the ones I made.
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