Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lamp shade Christmas Tree, Christmas outside the Box

And now for This year's Tree
Made from old lamp shades, Inspired by Pinterest (of course)

 First an assortment of lamp shades from garage sales, and goodwill.


First I skinned them
Then I mounted them to a threaded rod with bolts I purchased both at the hardware store,
and mounted it to a base(this part took the longest)

Now for embellishments. Juno wanted in on the action.

A few shades get some gold trim from my stash

A large stash of vintage ornaments is helpful, and you'll need hooks.

This project could be as small or large as you want, based on size and quantity of lamp shades.
I'm still unsure about the paper bells, but it does give it some dimension

 An old Wool  blanket below.

There is even a version of this idea with covered lamp shades. See my pinterest page

There you have it, My completely vintage Christmas tree made from old lamp shades.
I think this will be a one year tree, because next year I'll have a 1 year old grandchild and this would tip over real easy.  I may make a table top version though.


suzieQ said...

The kitty crew thought that your shiney ball play tree looked like lots and lots of fun. They thought I should make it but I told them they had enough things in the house to destroy. They are sulking upstairs, on mom's bed, plotting their next move.
Love the look but with little devil cats, this is a big no.

Michelle said...

I like this! Haven't seen it before.

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