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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Garage Sale

Last Sunday's Garage sale went so well, and I still have lots of stuff, so I'm doing it again.

If you see something you like email me. Just click the link "email me" and I'll work out the details with you. I prefer Paypal, but will accept Money Orders. Here are my offerings.
For Larger Image, on a PC, right click on the picture and then choose view image

This is a great Oval German License plate-Sold in black & white. Measures 14" across.
$19.00 Firm, Shipping $4

2 Brass Door latches, Ruler in picture for scale, Long latch is 9".
$5.00 for both, Shipping 9.00

This is an old glass lamp shade meant for a ceiling light. It is sectioned with several glass inserts. Section dividers are either copper or brass. Measures 9" dia 7" deep. $2, Shipping 8.00

This is a fun piece. I think it is a chimney, stove or vent cap. It's white enamel, There are some chips and rust from age. This would look great in your cottage home or garden, Or atop a Bird House creation. Sitting on a shelf or side table with a collection. It's a very unique piece. Hard for me to part with. Measures 9.5 wide and deep at the base, 7.5 tall. $19.99 Firm Shipping 9.00

4 old Bathroom Faucet Knobs. You'll get 3 cold and 1 hot. Each knob is 2.75" across and has what I believe are ceramic inserts. 2 have the mfgr name of Crane. One is cracked as shown in the pictures..
$15.00 for all, Shipping 5.50

>Vintage old, hand held emergency lantern flashlight torch. Made from aluminum. Has what appears to be a flashing red light on top, with a white light on front. Can be carried or stood up , all items in tact. Not sure if it works.
$4, shipping $6

Vintage Metal Shirt Dryer/Stretcher-sold. Appears to be made of aluminum. The arms swing out and lock into place in several locations. Great decor for a laundry room. Measures 26x15 when arms are down
$9 plus $9 to ship

Old Apron, great shape and design. $5, $3 shipping

Old ceramic heater elements, one is broken a bit.
All for $7.00, or $2ea, Shipping $6 for all

This is a great old lock set in a wonderful blue color. Measures 3x4
$6.00, $5.50 to ship

Some of the item's from last week's sale are still available.

If you are interested in more shopping you can always check out my ebay listings for more fun stuff.

Well That's it for this time. LMK if you are interested in anything.


Jenny S said...

Hi Margo! I got my box from last weeks sale! I love it! My lock is already hanging on my wall, and the box is set aside for a swap gift!! Thanks!

DayleShockley said...

I enjoyed browing around your blog. I'm a Texas gal, too. No place like it.

DayleShockley said...

Oh... and I have a sister in Tyler. I'll definitely check out your place next time I'm that way.

Rosemary said...

Hi Margo,
I can't see all of your pictures, but the ones I can see are really cool stuff!
You have a great day too!

Anonymous said...


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