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Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Projects etc

Thanks to everyone for all the great ideas about the Spring Wreath. I think that adding lights would not be the safest thing because of the Metal vs Electricity element. I love the idea of the hinges being butterflies and the faucets being flowers, Thanks Debbie. I also like the idea of adding little marbles or glass beads to the faucets. That would also give it a little sparkle. These are all great ideas and I can't wait to have time to work on it some more.

As I said in the last post, DH was gone all last week. I never realized how bored I get without him here, but I found myself doing projects all over the place. Here are a few more, when he got home he was surprised at all the "changes".

This is just an old rusty lantern, with misc this-n-that inside. I tried a white-ish one but it was too cottagey for my house.

This is actually 2 pieces of wood, that I purchased from one of my junk vendors.
I attached them in the center

And added this wooden rose piece that I had laying around
I needed something new above this door. One thing I did was to put the hangers the same distance as the existing nails for the piece that was up there. That way I didn't have to put any more holes in the wall.

I had this stove front piece in my booth. I really liked it and thought it might just work over my stove. just used some home-made S hooks and attached it to the grate that I already had there.

And I even had time for a few new jewelry pieces.

This week has been filled mostly with work (real job) and finding junk.

I'll be at Our Little Corner all day tomorrow, putting in my 1 work day a month. I've got a car load of new stuff I'll be putting out too. So stop by if you are in the area, I'll be in the Pink Building from 11-5.


trash talk said...

Love the stove piece hanging! Rust is one of my favorite colors. I like to say that in our world, rust is an expensive commodity!

Vee said...

What you did over your patio doors is great and I also like the lantern filled with odds and ends. Must remember to try that idea with my Christmas's gold.

Much success in your sales!

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Hi Margo
Love the the wood piece over the door...
Thanks for you words about my exciting news.... it was so nice to hear from you..

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