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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh the Horror

My husband was looking through some OLD photo's looking for something in particular, and there it was, photo evidence of my lack of style in the 80's. Or maybe I should just say THE lack of style in the 80's. This is our first home (we lived there 20 years), just after we moved in and got it all furnished, in 1984.
No Screaming Allowed

Ugg, Peach Family room, Baby blue Bedroom, ruffly curtains, everything matchy matchy, what was I thinking?

My pre-marriage contribution, Wicker

Roger's pre-marriage contribution, Chrome and Glass

Somewhere around 1993 I started to discover antiques, and went on a primitive binge. Then around the time we moved 2003 I discovered "JUNK" and we are where we are today. I'm so glad my style has evolved.
Now back to your regular scheduled programming.

Details of my Canton Finds

Old frame, Metal Florist Basket, Metal Candelabra, Metal vase, Wire Baskets, Wheels, Enamel Funnel, Door Hardware, metal flower wreath thing, Chicken Feeder with dividers
I also got some transit tokens, and Enid Collins Purse, and some colorful Christmas tree candle clips.

I'm loving that metal flower wreath, It's not old had a "made in china" sticker on the back, but was so pretty.


Marge said...

O.M.G. Aren't old photos fun? Your taste has certainly improved with age!

trash talk said...

I love the calla lilly looking thingy! Great finds. Don't feel alone...none of us knew what we were doing in the 70's & 80's. We all have photos we'd like to destroy but can't. LOL Debbie

Dawn said...

Margo, I swear to you I had those ame ruffly curtains, lots of sheers too! Oh my that brought back memories! Dawn

cindee said...

Love the 80's pictures. I got married in 82' didn't have much of anything! All hand me downs. I was a junker then and didn't know it! ..LOL(-:
Your house looked very nice for those days!

misselaineous said...

Oh Margo!! There is not one single solitary piece of cool awesome junk in those 80's pics! They are too much fun to look at...funny how our tastes change over the years, huh? Thanks for sharing! *elaine*

Vee said...

We all have those old photos that make us cringe. You certainly have developed a wonderful sense of style through the years, Margo. Makes me wonder where the next five will take you...

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

HAHA!!! I too have done the "what was I thinking" head shake! Thank goodness for style evolution! :) Wonder if those 80's looks will be "cool junk" to future junkers? LOL!!!

Debbie P. said...

ha! Those look like my old house! 20 years from now, we might be saying it again about our furnishings of today! Can't imagine that! I love all your finds!

This And That For Sale said...

I agree with others who've commented that we all have a collection of embarrassing photos from those early days... at least I have pleasant memories from those days, in spite of my lack of style back then.

Anonymous said...

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