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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Christmas - ing

I think I'm finally done with decking the halls. I don't really enjoy the "tree" part, but that is something that I seem to HAVE to do, so that was on my chore list this weekend. I also added a little fun holiday area to the front porch.

A Friend found the old mail slot box and just knew I'd want it. She was right.

I don't have a fireplace or a mantle. We have a wood burning stove that we use a lot. Hanging the stockings anywhere near it is not safe. A Few years ago I found this old plate rack that I hang my stockings from. I like it's form and how the stockings layer over each other.

Below is my foyer
You can see the vintage wreath that I made last year, out of vintage ornaments. It has to hang inside because the orns are so delicate.

This is the 2nd Christmas I've not done the traditional "tree". Instead I have my Christmas "Forest". There are actually 4 trees there, grouped together. These are the 1 piece trees, that are pre-lit.

The skirt is an old red/white quilt and since I don't have any presents wrapped yet, I threw some vintage boxed ornaments under the trees.

Thank you for visiting.
I've got some more Christmas projects in the works so be sure to come back.


red.neck chic said...

I love your grouping of trees!!! That looks so pretty and full!!! And the mail slot? I think I just drooled on my keyboard. LOL

I just adore all of your Christmas decorations!!! now, if it would only stay warm enough for 10 minutes I would get outside and do my front porch with your inspirational ideas in mind!!!

;-) Robelyn

Vickie said...

Hey Margo - I have a red/white quilt, too, that I will get out if I do a tree at the farm. Not sure yet. I DO love that vintage ornament wreath! It's so beautiful. I'd love to make one of those sometime. I was going to do one this year, but the time has gotten away from me.

Do you need your moving quilt? I can run it by the Corner or get it to you someway if you need it right away. Hope you are way ahead on your shopping & stuff and nothing gets in your way until Christmas is here!

Re-Creation Therapy said...

I love the tree groupings. What a great idea!

CC said...

The tree grouping is a wonderful idea..they are beautiful together. I love how you've hung your stockings..everything looks so festive..just gorgeous.
p.s. I love that red and white quilt..

icandy... said...

Very pretty, Margo! I love the multiple trees, they make such an impact!
Happy holidays,

trash talk said...

Digging the forest!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I love the forest! You're rockin' with that idea! I also like the layering you did for your stocking holder. You're just so clever. ~Mindy

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