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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thrifty Gift Wrapping-repost

This is mostly a re-post from last December. This month has been really hectic and I'm just now thinking of wrapping my gifts. Maybe this will get me in the mood. Hope you enjoy this flashback from last year.

First let me say that I am not known for my gift wrapping skills. I'm sure there are some really creative gals out there, who would run circles around my wrappings. But I try.
First I need to gather all my supplies

See that bolt of twine, I'll be using lots of that.

The only new thing I bought was the paper

See this bag

Not too useful for gifts, but if you cover that logo with an old Christmas Card, it's perfect.

Here's a similar idea, but this bag had hand writing on it.
Those candle clips work great to seal up these bags from peeking eyes.

See this pile of crinkley confetti. It came in a gift box of nuts that we received.

I tied a clump of it together as a bow substitute

I didn't use ribbon this year, I used twine instead. I picked up this huge bolt of twine at a GS earlier this year. I use it for everything.

This Gift is wrapped up in some old music, twine.

I clipped some evergreen branches from the yard

And tucked them in underneath the twine

On the top gift, I added an old ornament that we no longer use, as decoration. And the name tag is one of those mini chalkboard tags that I make.
I made most of my name tags from regular scrapbooking paper or torn craft paper. I used my candle clips for gifts within our family, as I want to keep them.
It was really a lot of fun to use stuff I had on hand. total wrapping expense $3.



Jill said...

Margo, I love your mini chalkboard slates! I found a "chalk marker" that I bought from Etsy. It really works awesome--just like chalk but neater and wipes right off. And, your packages are/were lovely.

The Whistle Stop said...

Your packages look wonderful. I always want to do the little extras and time never seems to be on my side!
Enjoy all the details of the season!
Laurie :)

David said...

Those look great! said...

Great ideas I love them all!

CC said...

I love all your ideas..specially the little chalkboard and I so love the twine. You always have the coolest ideas..

Vickie said...

Hey girl. I knew you were going to have that cute picture of you sitting on the floor amongst your wrapping stuff. You look like a little girl with your pony tail and all your cut-out stuff! I did like what you did with the sheet music! I've been keeping my eye out for old patterns to use for tissue, too! I think that idea came from YOU! Who else!

Chickens in the Basement said...

Beautiful packages! Thanks for the ideas!


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