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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Never Again-Misadventures of a girl who bit off more than she could chew

Ok, I've tackled furniture pieces before and each time I say "never again" but this time I mean it.
There are so many things I don't know about large pieces, and this one has metal as a main element and I'm entering uncharted waters.

Here are just a few of the phrases I've uttered in the past few days

In my own words at the time...

"What do you mean these nuts don't work with these bolts they are the same diameter? what's a thread count?
What's a lock washer and why do I need one?
Why does this thing keep falling over?
Why don't these holes line up?
I'm giving up?
This is crazy, this will never look good and I've wasted my money?
To late to turn back now!
I guess I'll finish it and if I hate it I'll just use it in my booth."

On the up side, I've started distressing and staining the shelves, and I found a great spray paint that will really help this piece look less like an erector set project.

I need to get some more bolts, nuts, washers etc. Who knew there were so many different kinds.

And I found these great shelf brackets that I'm going to use like this.

I sure hope this project comes out good but heck it's just a shelf and life is short so as I said before, If it doesn't work in my house I'll just use it in my booth and stick a price tag on it.
Hope to show you more tomorrow. Maybe I'll get the metal parts painted tomorrow.

Pop over to Gracie's Cottage for a fun give away that is just my style.


Prior said...

lol, I have faith in you! and those are cool brackets...Lezlee

Tamarah said...

I'm with Lezlee Margo....I'm sure it'll turn out JUST FINE....!!

I often feel like this when I'm HALF WAY through a project....It's the COMPLETED piece that counts....Not what it looks like during the 'during'....IYKWIM....hahahahaha!!

CAN'T WAIT to see it tomorrow....!!

Cheers for now Lovey,
Tamarah :o)

Vee said...

It's going to be great because you won't give up until it does. Now when you're finished you may hate it because it was such a bugger. In that case, put it in the shops, but strip off the brackets first. All the best!

AntiqueChase said...

Stay strong {and carry on}...

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I like the addition of those brackets. I think it will look a lot different when you get it painted. Can't wait to see. Hang in there!

slommler said...

I know the feeling when you start sailing in uncharted territory. It is scary and frustrating. Cause you have no book or directions to help you out.
Don't give up! This will all work out and think of all the experience you will have gained!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hey, I'd say it's looking pretty good. Hang in there and I bet it'll turn out brilliantly!

Connie P. said...

You go girl! Your stuff typically is super neat-o and I'm sure this piece will be too! Don't give up!

Suveliina said...

Hey Margo!

I have been reading your blog for a while now. I love it. I totally agree you. Sometimes I feel like that too in the middle of the project.

It will turn out just beautiful. I can't wait to see when it's done.

I'll send you some fresh winter breeze from Finland to keep you going!!

Have a good weekend!!


TinaTx said...

Ahhh - famous last words! LOL I've said them myself but somehow always forget.
I bet it will be fab when you are finished! Hang in there.

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Love it, you go girl! I'm sure when you stand back and look at it once finished you are going to feel a great sense of achievement (or exhaustion) :0)

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