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Monday, July 11, 2011

Jewelry Storage Dilemma-Solved

My wonderful Dear Mr. R, has many wonderful qualities... but one of his "faults" is his desire for a clutter free minimalistic home. As you know this can be diametrically opposed to a junkers style, so we usually find a compromise.
The problem at hand has been jewelry storage. If I keep my jewelry in a jewelry box, it's so tedious to go through it every day to find just the right piece. I forget what I have etc. And I have quite a bit because i make so much of it that I like and keep for myself.

So I decided to make this necklace rack out of one of the old wooden expandable vents that I found last week. I simply screwed hooks (salvaged of course) through the wooden frame, and in the vent section I took wire and formed an S hook and just slipped them in the slats. Then I screwed it into the back of the wardrobe. Now all my necklaces are visible and the choice is easy.
For the earrings, I took an old printers tray and just slipped them in the sections. Sorted a little but by style and color... for now any way.

All tucked away in this old wardrobe in my work room. Mr R. never has to see it but I can have easy access to it all when I need it.
Problem solved.

A Wonderful Blogger, Mamie Jane, did a fabulous project with some of these wooden framed vents, you can view it here. I still have on left, which is actually 2 sections the slide in and out of each other. Email me if interested. See side bar for email link.

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Vickie said...

Niiiiccceeee, Margo - love it!

Jane said...

I love what you did with the sliding vent! Thanks for the nice shout out about my vent project. I have three wood framed screens that slide like the vents and I've been racking my brain trying to thinks of a perfect project. It's best to probably just put them away....I may think of something when I least expect it.

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