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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Behind the scenes of mailing out hundreds of Flea Market Style Magazines

I am so glad that I can offer my readers Flea Market Style magazine by mail. I know how frustrating it is to check store after store to find them sold out. After many years of mailing, I think I've finally got a smooth system worked out. The goal is to get to them out to you in the shortest possible time and in excellent condition, I really want my customers to have them before they hit the stores.

To that end, I do a lot of prep work.

First thing is supplies, I need enough envelopes and postage for what I've already sold.

Then there is addressing, stamping etc. I've realized there is a lot I can do ahead of time, even before I actually have the magazines in my hand. So for the past couple of weeks I've been trying to keep up as the orders come in. This requires sorting, addressing stamping etc. Remember, I'm getting orders for the Last Spring issue as well and some folks ordering more than one, and there are the international orders as well. Gotta keep all that strait so folks get the right thing.

So while I wait for my magazine order to arrive. Be assured that I've been hard at work, so that all I have to do when they get here. Is stuff them, seal them, and drop them in the mail box. Hopefully they will arrive at your location without delay. But remember I don't have them just yet... fingers tapping on table waiting patiently.

For those tempted to tell me I can ship via paypal first class with tracking...Nope I can't, tried it and the Post office screamed at me See this post.


Save on gas, time, and frustration by ordering the next issue of Flea Market Style by mail.

Now Available for Pre-Ordering the next issue (Fall/Winter 2012) of Flea Market Style Magazine.
Go Here for ordering information


MyFancy's Author said...

I have already pre-ordered a copy for myself, but would like to order one for my sister. Is Paypal the only payment you accept? Don't think I can use Paypal and have item sent to an address other than my own. Please advise. Thank you, Leah

SueAnn Lommler said...

Wow girl.,..that is a lot of work!!

Margo said...

My Fancy's: Contact me at and I'll let you know what to do.


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