Monday, June 18, 2007

Getting Ready for my Barn Sale

I've set the date for my Barn Sale so mark your calendars. September 13th - 15th 2007, This date would only be changed if my family decided on a reunion or some other special event would be scheduled for the same weekend. So It's tentative right now, but I don't expect it to change.

I'm such a planner, I've already got a list of items I'll be selling and high and low prices for each item. I've set it all up on XL (it's the bookkeeper in me). I'm real pleased at the inventory I've got at this time, so it should be a good sale.

I'll also be having regular Garage Sale stuff too, so there will plenty for every kind of shopper.

I've made sure not to plan it on First Monday weekend, so as not to compete with First Monday Trades days in Canton. I just hope that the Rose Festival is not that weekend. Although, that might draw some out-of-towners. If you are planning on traveling to my sale, and you want to stay at a B&B in the area, LMK, and I'll give you the number to a couple of good ones.

I'm getting excited, I hope to make this an annual event, we'll see how it goes.
In the mean time, if you are really itching to buy something, you can always check out my Ebay items


Rosemary said...

Wish I could be there.
I will check out your Ebay stuff.
Have a great day!

Linda said...

Wish I lived in your area, it sounds and looks like a wonderful barn sale.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I'm going to try my best to make it to your sale; looks like you have a lot of things I'd live :)

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