Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sale at Sweet Peas-Athens Texas


in our neck of the woods.....
just 30 minute drive from Canton on Hwy 19 S.

The Sweet Pea Collection’s
“Back Room Sale”

All items in our back room 50%-7o% off

Three Days Only.... THIS WEEK!
July 30,31 & Aug 1
10 til 6

call 903/677-6868
119 E Tyler St, Athens Texas

You will find all kinds of great bargains.
Questions? call 903/677-6868
119 E Tyler St, Athens Texas

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Christmas In July, and other Booth News

Just a reminder that there is only 1 week left at Our Little Corner for my Christmas in July items. And Yes i will sell and ship anything you see . The Available items are on my Christmas Page and prices are there as well. If you See anything you like, feel free to inquire, but make sure you give me your email so I can contact you back.

Also, I got great news last week. My booth at Our Little Corner will be moving to the Yellow Building just across from the check out, starting in September. I'll have more news about the change as it gets closer. I am excited about the move and cannot imagine a better location within the mall.

Here are some pictures of this week's finds

Lots of fun stuff in there

This pic was taken just before Alex's Wisdom Tooth Surgery Yesterday. My friend and I both scheduled our kids at the same time so we could keep each other company in the waiting room, and call each other to see how the other was doing. It worked out great, and both patients are doing well.

And this is just after, with the Dr.

Alex's Wisdom Tooth Update:
Thank you everyone for your prayers. Things are looking good. No swelling, only small amount of pain. Only 1 pain pill today, and now on just Advil. He just needs to heal with no complications and we'll be home free. Thanks again.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun and Fabulous Finds

Sorry it has taken me so long to post my finds, but life just got in the way.
Here we go.
I found these great wooden wheels, some old Christmas tree stands, some old
table legs

I got those great white pieces at Marta's, They are iron and enamel I think
And I'm not exactly sure what that tubular basket is, but I couldn't pass it up.

Close up of the tree stands and white enamel pieces

I found this great old shoe factory cloth basket and this wonderful
German enamel utensil holder. It says something close to "cleanliness is next to Godliness" Both purchased at The Salado Antique Mall.

These organ stops came from Uncommon Objects

And these number cups from Anthropologie

These ceramic sign letters at Uncommon Objects

And these great number pulls at Gatherings in Georgetown

Well there you have it, some of it I'm keeping, and some is already at Winnie and Tulula's. Some will be at Our Little Corner and some is still being cleaned.
I got another great load today from on of my favorite "Pickers". I'll share that later.

Son #2 (Alex) is having his Wisdom Teeth removed tomorrow. If you are a believer, please pray for no complications, during or after, and full quick recovery. Depending on his recovery I may be offline all weekend.
Or I may be so board sitting at home waiting for him to need something, that I'll be online all weekend. I hope it's the latter.

Update10:00 am: He's home now and resting with ice pack
Update 9:30 pm. Eating and sitting up in bed, Doing great
Thank you,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Road Trip Part 3, Marta's Room

Marta's Room Belton Texas
One of the things I've learned, when shopping in unfamiliar areas, is to ask shop owners where more places are. After shopping at a place in Salado, we asked the owner if he might know of some true junking locations. He directed us to a flea market, and said it was "hit or miss". We'll let's just say it was "miss" this time, But on the way we passed a curious shop. DH said "we'll hit that on our way back" and so we did.

It was Marta's Room

I walked in and knew immediately that is was a place you would all want to read about.

I went to find the owner and ask if I could take some pictures. Ready to explain all about blogging as I usually do. As I approached and Said "are you the owner?" She turned around and responded with "You're Margo!" Well I was double shocked at being "recognized" and then pleased that I could just ask about pictures without having to explain myself. And then Marta said something that made her my instant new BFF.
"You're tiny!" she exclaimed "pictures really do add pounds". Thanks Marta, I needed that. So there you have it strait from Marta. I'm tiny!!!!!! :)
Just so we are clear on this point, I am NOT tiny, I am the biggest I've ever been and not feeling too good about it :(

Marta is a long time lurker and blog reader. She has been written about several times on other blogs, but I must have missed it, because this shop was a sweet surprise to me.

Here are some more shots of Marta's place. Be sure to stop by if you are ever driving around in Belton Texas. Directions are at the bottom.

Here I am in the pink room

I loved all her pink things
And she doesn't just do white and cream and pink There is a Red Room, Blue room and even a black room. All beautifully done.

Look at these beautiful pearls, draped over an old drying rack

Her displays were wonderful and lovely to look at

She's got a real talent

I'd love to have her come and work on my spaces

Marta is very friendly and will be happy to chat with you about her love of junk and things old.

Be sure to tell her you read about her here, if you stop by.
Marta's Room is located at 5571 W hwy 190 #75, Belton TX 76513
Take G Wilson Exit, go east on service road, 1 block on the right.
Hrs: Tues-Thurs 10:30-5
Sat 12-3

Tomorrow: My finds

Monday, July 20, 2009

Road Trip Austin Area Part 2

Weird Shopping in Austin
After shopping in Round Rock, we headed towards my ultimate destination. But first a store I had only heard about. Anthropologie! Now living in a medium sized town has one down side...Shopping. Or the lack of it. So the chance to be in the Big City and have an Anthropologie near by could not be passed up. We found it and went in. I was at first surprised by all the clothes, because what I had usually seen from here were unique home fashions. They were there, but clothing takes up most of the floor space. I especially loved the old industrial pieces they use for display.

And vintage inspired unique accents. I'm sure these letters on stands were inspired by old signeage.

This is a truly unique garden chair.

Not old but cool anyway

And with my love of clocks, I had to snap this pic. However I did not buy (hint: you can get them cheaper at Hobby Lobby)

Love these graphic cups all lined up on a vintage industrial shelving unit.

After I made my very small purchase (i'll show later) we headed off to Uncommon Object on S Congress.

I must say that the short drive from Anthropologie to Uncommon Objects did not disappoint in it's entertainment value. As they say in Austin "Keep Austin Weird"

The inside of this place is as interesting as the outside.

It's full of eye candy, around every turn. Definitely not your typical antique mall.

But don't tell anyone Sh......

Here is a tip for shopping here. It's not a big store. Walk in, take a deep breath and start heading down the isle of your choice. Look at everything eye level. Then go back through and look down, and then lastly go through again and look up at the ceiling. You'll be amazed what you missed the first 2 times through.

There is no way to describe this place, it is something that must be experienced.
And it has the perfect home in the center of the artist area of Austin on S Congress.
Take a short walk up Congress on the same side of the street for the best Tex Mex Lunch. Sorry can't remember the name of the restaurant. But it was Gooooood.

Tomorrow... Marta's Room

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Road Trip Austin Part 1

The Antique Gallery Round Rock Texas

Round Rock has only 1 Antique store, according to who I spoke with. And it's a doozie. The highlight of this place is in the center, and the booths of Jan Nordstrom and Susan Pridgeon. I love the way these ladies display their wonderful finds.

You Can enlarge the picture above and below by clicking on the pic

I enjoyed wondering around and seeing all the unusual items too. Love the barn vent above, and the old red ice box below

Mr Robo got in on the fun too.

Round Rock is between Austin and Georgetown, and that will be our next stop. Be sure to Visit the Antique Gallery in Round Rock and tell them I sent you.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Off for a Weekend in Austin

DH wanted a weekend away, and so we've decided to hit the road headed towards the Austin area. No real planned agenda, just kinda going with the flow. I hope to visit places that I visited last year and possibly find some new ones.

I also hope to make it to The Carolyn Westbrook Home Summer Market on our way home.

I've made some good finds already this week and I can't wait to share them with you.
But for now, Gotta Run, the open road awaits.

You can read about the Austin, Georgetown shops here, here, and here.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Really Big, Super, Stupendous, Wonderful News

I've been dying to share this with you and now is the time. Junkers are getting a new Magazine.

Pop over to Ki's blog for all the info.

Insert Happy Dance Here!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Christmas in July

Christmas in July

now at Our Little Corner antique mall, Noonday Texas.

Booth # 170, Pink Building

July Only

All Vintage Christmas

Beat the Heat, with some Holiday Spirit

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