Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Follow Along Blog Advent Project

Based on my Advent Calendar project I mentioned Last Week. I'm going to do a "follow along Advent Calendar" with all of you. I don't have any grandchildren yet, and there are no little ones in my life, so You'll have to do.
Each Day, I'll draw an ornament from the basket. Each ornament will have a special meaning that relates back to the Reason for the Season. I'll post the object and verse on the left side bar at the top.

I'll start on December 1 and go through Christmas Eve.
I hope to update the photo as we go so you can see the board filling up.
Have your little ones follow along as well.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Some Great Junky Christmas Projects


Spindle Wire Christmas Tree

Escape the pitfalls of this project with my Junky Wire Christmas Tree Tutorial:
This tutorial covers everything you will need to make this fun and whimsical Christmas Ball Display Tree.

Spindle Angels

China Wreath

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and getting ready for Black Friday

As is the usual plan, Winnie & Tulula's is planning their big Christmas Open House for Friday. Since working tomorrow is out of the question, I headed up there today to fluff my spaces.
I wasn't the only one as you can see, there was lots of fluffing going on.

I wanted to show you a few things that I brought in. My philosophy of Christmas decorating is to "simply add glass balls in and around everything". Here's a close up of one of those great candy store displays I recently found, filled with, you guessed it...Glass balls. The other one is in my work room. I'll show you what I did with it in another post
I've got a couple of etched mirrors. They are hard to photograph but I think I got 2 good shots.
I really enjoy making these for the Holidays.
If you want to see more you'll have to come to the sale. Hope over to their blog for more info. Have a great Turkey day.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Advent Calendar Idea-Christmas Project

I first came up with this idea a few years ago and I have since adjusted it a bit. It's very simple just take a piece of wood, for mine I painted it with a light coat of white and then sanded it. Hammer in 24 nails or screw in cup hooks. I added number tags for the one above, but that is optional, Probably a good idea if doing this with children. Or you could simply paint or write or decoupage the numbers to the board. The original idea was to have the child remove a trinket each day to hang on the board as a countdown or advent calendar. Since then, being inspired by Jodi's Jesus tree idea. I've altered this to have the trinkets have a special (back to Jesus) meaning.
The concept remains the same, only the trinkets each have a truly biblical meaning. Like above the "admit one" tickets stand for Redeemer, and the round carrom game pieces are "lifesaver", Use your imagination. You can order Jodi's tags here or make your own, Jodi also has a sheet that has bible verse after bible verse for the "names of Jesus" represented on the tags.
For example an old key represents "key to heaven" which is Acts 4:12 As the child pulls out the item to be hung you can discuss how that item points back to a biblical meaning.
What a great way to redeem the season, and you only need 24 items. This is definitely going to be a tradition for me and my grandchildren,
when I have them...someday....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winnie & Tulula's Christmas Open House Event

You have all day to shop on Friday after Thankgiving, then come out to Winnie & Tulula's for an evening of Holiday fun.

Bistro is open, Dealers will be newly stocked with Holiday goodness.

See you there!!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

One week of junking along with Margo-Friday

You've come along with me for a full week of junking fun and this is the last day. Friday started early and cold with a stop at what I'd hoped would be a good sale and it did not disappoint. Their motto is" we are here to loose money but make friends". They did have lots of stuff but some of the better items were priced a bit too high for me. I did find some fun smalls and then headed down the road to the next sale.
I hit 3 or 4 sales total and then had to get to work.

Today was another big shipping day and that all took about an hour.

This week was actually pretty tame. I didn't go to my booth in Athens (45 min drive) to fluff, that will be next week. I didn't get any " drop everything and come here for great junk" calls this week either.

I didn't have any cleaning or pricing to do but I will next week, as we get ready for the big Winnie & Tulula's open house on Friday.

Except for the Barn Sale it was all pretty routine.

Here are most of my finds just since Monday
Looks like this was the week for coolers. I love the yellow plaid one and that cute little polka dotted one is not too shabby :) I've always got room for a galvanized one at the right price too.
A couple of goosneck lamps in various stages of rust, a weather vane,
old lunch box, rubber stamp holder, horse muzzle, juicy fruit display, old phone,
wall receipt holder, art deco clock, Exit sign, and a juggling Indian club

Not to mention a metal duck bank, and a couple of vintage levels.

All in all a good week of smalls and that's what I look for.

Next week is Thanksgiving, and Winnie & Tulula's will be open on Friday evening for our Christmas event. I'll have more about that tomorrow. I've also got a fun holiday project to share
with you... so be sure and check back.

Don't for get the Christmas in the Country sale will be open all day Saturday, with 25% off many items.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

One week of junking along with Margo-Thursday

Bored yet??? Today was another Estate sale morning. There was only one new one so I stopped by. First I hit the shed where I found a few treasures, then inside. One room was fully of Christmas, but nothing old. One room was full of vintage hats. If I were into vintage hats, I'd have been in heaven.

After I made my purchases, I headed to work, which in this case, was just around the corner. Shipped some magazines, and some product, did my "real job" and headed home.

Stopped by a fellow seller's place to pick up some of her treasures for Etsy.

Finished up a Holiday project that I'll show you next week.

After dinner, I listed and scanned some comic books, and wrote this post. After this I will head to etsy to write up some descriptions.

Tomorrow morning, I gather some etsy sold items, and head back out there. Friday is garage sale day and "anything goes" It might be good it might be a bust, stay tuned. And on Saturday I'll show you my week of finds. Lots of little small stuff, but that is what I specialize in anyway :)

Total hrs about 3 for today, It was an easy day.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One week of junking along with Margo-Wednesday

The day started early with 3 local estate sales. One was quite large as you can see above.
At one I missed this fabulous item by just about 1 minute. Agggggg!
After that I went to work where I shipped one order, and spent 20 mins filing a claim for the broken item mentioned before, with UPS.

Then after several hours of real Work I headed to the Gresham Barn for the beginning of a long evening wrapping treasures for customers. Now I'm home and beat, but I still have some other junking stuff to do and some housework.

More Tomorrow-total hours 6 so far
Additional hr on blogging, online sales, and email answering etc
And my W key is sticking on my computer so I'm having to go back and make lots of corrections. I never kne ho much I used the W key :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gresham Barn Sale Starts Tomorrow Evening

I love it when I sell things at the Gresham Barn Sale, because I get to pre-view a bit of the junky goodness when I drop my things off.
The sale opens tomorrow evening at at 4:00 for Jodi's famous pre-view party and sale. All items are available for purchase. It's great fun, with fabulous Christmas music, sounds and smells filling the air. And wonderful vintage Christmas as well as other Vintage items.
This is just a sampling of photo's and not everything was out yet when I snapped these on saturday.
You can see more on Jodi's blog. I'll be working the whole evening, so if you stop by, say hello and I'll see you there.

Today's Junking with Margo...
Tuesday is a little like Monday and is usually part of the slower part of the week. Today I...
Shipped Magazines
Worked on placing a claim with shipping company for damaged merchandise (ugg) (How do you break a cast iron piece? Tell me that!!!!!)
Shipped a replacement
Flea Market Style Blog work
Blog Post (this one)
Met with a lady about some junk she had for sale
& Wrote online listing descriptions
The week will start in full gear Wednesday, with working the Gresham sale, and more shipping. I'm estimating my hours tomorrow to be around 7-8 plus the real job.

Monday, November 14, 2011

One week of junking along with Margo-Monday

Today being a Monday, it's not usually a big junking day, but It's usually a huge shipping day.
Weekend online sales pile up and Monday I play catchup. So this morning was spent organizing, boxing, printing postage etc. I'm fortunate that my "day Job" allows me a great place to do this and my mail carrier picks up right there at that side door. So Off it all went to it's new home.

Then after working an extra to make up for the time I spent on personal stuff, I headed home and spent about an hour on various computer work. Blogging, posting photo's and writing descriptions for Etsy listings etc.

A phone call was made to a "lead" and I'm waiting for a response so I can look at some vintage stuff a person has for me to dig through. But I'm still waiting to hear back.

Other Misc:
30 min phone call to purchase ticket for April Paris Trip
Deal with an item broken during shipping.
Read, and Answered Flea Market Style Blog Emails
Scanned some Comic Books

Tonight will be spent writing up more descriptions etc, and I have some cleaning of last week's junk to do out in the barn if I get to feeling better. I think I'm trying to catch something, hopefully it's just allergies.

Don't forget about the Christmas in the Country sale this week at the Gresham Barn, click link below for more info.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

One week of junking along with Margo-Sunday

Sunday is for Family...
so Mr R and I decided to take a short road trip to see Son #2 at college.
He showed us around his college town, and took us to the biggest used book store I've ever seen.
3 floors of old book goodness.

The town has a great atmosphere and fortunately the city planners have been wise enough to preserve some of the "old" style charm from days past.

Mr R and I stopped by a store in Canton on the way back where I had seen these huge letters on the side of a building. I had to stop for a better look and a pic.This evening I've caught up on emails. Gathered items from the barn that need to be shipped tomorrow and packaged up some chalk board gift tags that I just finished up. Not a huge junking day, but everyone needs a day off from time to time.

In case you missed what I'm doing. I'm taking you all along for a week of my junking life. See yesterday's post for day #1.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

One week of junking along with Margo

I thought I'd spend a week or so of blog posts so that you can see just what goes into doing this business of buying and selling junk.

My day (Saturday) started out, not so early, as I decided to sleep in. Saturday is one of the only days for that so sometimes I throw care to the wind and wake up when my body says it's time, not when the alarm says it's time.

A couple of my seller friends knew a comic book guy and I had a meeting at 11:00 with him.
It was very fruitful and I learned a lot about comic books and about what I have in my recent comic book find. That was over around 12:30 and then home for lunch with Mr. R.
After Lunch I had to run to the Gresham Barn to drop off my Christmas items for next week's Christmas in the Country sale. Of course I stayed and chatted with Jodi for awhile and took some pics. I'll share more pics later this week. The Sale Starts on Wednesday so be sure to mark your calendars.
While at the barn I got a phone call from a friend... who has a friend... who has some stuff... for me to look at. I arranged with her to hook up next week, as it was already around 3:00 and had stuff at home to do.

At around 5:00 I spent an hour or so taking 114 pics for my Etsy listings... and then it was Dinner time with Mr R.

After dinner we stopped at the craft store for some glue that I needed, and something that he was needing as well.

After dinner I loaded pics and am getting ready to edit them and wrote this post. It is now 7:30 and I'll be editing for about an hour and then who knows what else I'll do.

I've got some pieces that need repair (hence the glue) and a project waiting in my project room that I just might tackle still tonight.

So that is Saturday...
Remember to follow along with me this week, and You'll be surprised how much time I actually spend doing this. But I love every minute of it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fabulous Fall Thursday Finds

What started out as a rather slow garage sale morning took a quick turn into jackpot land. Just as I was done, and was attempting to be happy with my mediocre findings... I spotted a rogue garage sale sign, and of course did a quick u-turn down the lane. Where not only did I find this plethora of vintage 1050's comics, but these fabulous candy display pieces below.
Love those curved bottom glass jars and they have hinged lids and the stands are fabulous with or without the jars.

And as a bonus these 4 sets of yummy industrial file boxes. Not to mention several un-pictured smalls.
It was a good day indeed!!!

Now the question... Does anyone know anything about comic books???

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I love Fall

I snapped this beautiful vine against the dark wet bark of an oak tree in my yard. A day of rain is welcome around here and the cooler temperatures are a much anticipated sign that the seasons will, in fact, change...Come on Fall, you can do it!!!!!

Life is very busy around here, hang in there with me, I promise more content soon.

Reminder The Gresham Barn Christmas in the Country sale is coming next week. I'll be there with a pile of vintage Christmas items and Jodi tells me the Barn is full. Hopefully I'll have some pictures soon.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm so Retro

I'm a bit ashamed to admit it. Afterall I grew up in the 70's and thought I was over all of that.

But lately I'm learning to re-love the old retro style but with an updated twist
Recently found fun lacquer trays

The graphics and colors are so much fun

Even some of the fashion was not as horrid as I remember

I've found myself collecting retro glassware

Admiring vintage purses (collection below not mine)

And enjoying the old retro space age designs

I have lots of vintage Retro in my etsy store

And I've gone crazy on pinterest with the retro designs. I can't have it all but I can sure pin it

If you are a fellow pinner, be sure to follow me for lots of retro fun. If you are a retro lover and you pin, be sure to let me know so I can follow you:)

All this color and design, just makes me happy:)
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